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Newly enacted legislation (Ohio Revised Code 3365.035) going into effect October 1, 2021, requires all College Credit Plus (CCP) applicants and their parent/guardian (after October 1) to sign a permission slip that indicates they understand that by enrolling in College Credit Plus courses, the content of College Credit Plus (CCP) courses may include mature subject matter that will not be modified based upon College Credit Plus (CCP) enrollee participation regardless of where course instruction occurs; and that State law requires the signed form be submitted in the student’s application to the college or university.   Once admitted, per Ohio Revised Code 3365.035, College Credit Plus (CCP) students will also be required to complete a questionnaire as noted in the attached Guidance for Colleges and Secondary Schools (Mature Subject Matter).
CCP Presentation Night - January 24, 2024
PLEASE NOTE: The Accuplacer placement exam can be taken on campus at Lakeland (preferred) or it can be done remotely. If your child chooses to take the test remotely, using their Macbook, they must contact the Mentor Schools IT department ahead of time so their computer can be updated and made compatible with Lakeland's testing program. To contact IT, please use this email address: [email protected]